Know More Information About Trekking And All About

Trekking is an outdoor activity that involves walking or exploring different places, which may take more than a day’s time. It is an experience of enjoying the beauty of mountains and hills around the world. Trekking helps in some health benefits which assists people in maintain their body in a fit and stress free condition. Nepal is one the best trekking destination because it is hilly terrain and a significant portion of the country is located at the foot hills of the gorgeous Himalayan mountain range.

 Trekking Destinations In Nepal

As mentioned above there are limitless choices for those who love trekking and who have adventurous bent of mind. However, we need to keep in mind that the topography of many destinations are tough and rugged. Therefore some of the destinations are suitable only for those who are physically fit and active. This does not prevent beginners to try their hand at trekking when in Nepal.

A Few Specific Trekking Destination And Choices

Kathmandu the capital of Nepal has many tourist attractions and it also provides a comprehensive trekking opportunity for those who are keen on learning the first lessons on trekking. Since Kathmandu is better developed and has the right infrastructure for those who are new to trekking it could be the right choice for such type of trekkers.

trekking in Nepal

Assisted Trek Tour

There are few assisted trekking tour options available in this country. The best way to learn more about it is to look at a good trekking in Nepal blog post. It will give you specific choices and options. One such option is an assisted two-week assisted expedition covering Annapurna forest range. This is a reserve forest and has some of the best wildlife viewing opportunities. Since this is a two-week trekking expedition you will have a chance to live life in one of the most beautiful, natural and serene surroundings.

Points To Keep In Mind

However there are a few important points one must keep in mind when choosing and being part of the trekking expeditions. Life is tough and you must learn to compromise on basic comforts and be ready to face hardships. Further there are many trekking destinations in Nepal that are located at heights of around 3000 meters and more. The oxygen saturation limit could be a cause of concern for those with breathing difficulties and other such problems.


To summit up, there is no doubt that if you are passionate about trekking Nepal is one the best places to be around in the world. It offers variety, adventure, excitement and the real trekking experience.