How To Use Instagram For Language Learning And Teaching?

Social media is a great place to explore new languages and share your thoughts, ideas and opinions with language learners all over the world. It can also be a great way to practice reading and writing in your target language, and learn new vocabulary. Here are tricks to use Instagram for language learning and teaching:

Choose a tag for your language-learning project

The best system for choosing a tag is to use tags that show how you spend your time and how you think about the language. You can then filter to find other people who are interested in your particular interests. The better you understand the language, the more your content will show through to other users. For example, an Italian learner looking at an Italian tag will know that the majority of its followers are probably Italian learners, so they are less likely to find learners from other countries.

Be authentic

Creating a solid foundation of vocabulary is a must for learning any language, so make sure your Instagram account is full of authentic content. Remember that there is no right or wrong way to learn a language, and you should not try to copy someone else’s method. With Goread, you can buy Instagram comments that are relevant and add value to your posts.

Be yourself

It may be that you are an expert on grammar rules, but your followers probably want to know about more than just grammar, so mix up your content. You could experiment with colloquialisms, slang, or put up a picture of your cat. Sometimes a picture is worth 1000 words, and showing yourself in real life can make a greater impact compared to posting written content.

Think creatively

There are no rules in Instagram, so you can use the power of creativity to post images that relate to what you want to say. If you are learning a new language, why not post a picture of an object and then a translation using your mobile phone?

Share with confidence

You may be nervous about posting anything online, but remember that the more you share, the more people will follow your account, and the more chances there are to practice your language skills. Nobody cares how many mistakes you make; all they want to see is your willingness to communicate to them in their own language.

Choose quality

If you want to be in contact with more people, then make sure you post quality content and learn how to use hashtags. Using a good camera or smartphone can make your images look better and will help other users find your account. You can then build up a group of followers for whom you are creating content in the language you want to learn.