Everything You Need To Know About A Residential Proxy

What is a Residential Proxy?

Residential proxies come from an ISP and are present on personal devices. They are less likely to be detected as proxies because of their location on a personal device when compared to a data center proxy located at a data center. As they are difficult to detect, one can continue sending requests to his target without getting banned.

A Residential proxy permits a user to choose a city or a country used to send requests. It is impossible with a datacenter proxy as they are present in the country one bought it from.

How does a Residential Proxy works?

They are a network of over a million residential IP addresses combined into a proxy network.

When one sends a request to a residential proxy, his traffic is routed via the proxy present on a real device with an IP address of an ISP. Generally, these IP addresses are present in real homes because of which one is less likely to get blocked. It is because one’s sees oneself as a regular user.

They often tend to work with a rotating system. That means that every time a user sends a request to the residential proxy, he will be redirected to a new and random proxy. As a result of this, one will not get blocked by one’s target.

Residential proxy

How can you choose a proxy service for yourself?

Choosing the perfect provider of a proxy service is a very important step that every marketer, savvy internet user, or business should prefer taking. Before you decide on which proxy service you wish to go with, check reviews on online blogs.

Hereafter are a few factors that you can consider while making a comparison:

  • Size of the pool

Larger IP pools are generally more established and reliable in the case of proxy providers. More amounts of proxies significantly mean that it is less likely to use a banned proxy server.

  • Customer Support

Responsive customer support provided by proxy providers is very crucial.

  • Traffic

There are proxy providers who permit one to send an unlimited amount of traffic through one’s proxy, while others might charge you based on the amount of bandwidth one wishes to use.


Proxies are a crucial part of internet security and high-level marketing as they permit one to anonymously utilize and browse the web and connected software that has been uninhibited as a result of account-related or geographical restrictions.