What are the Major Pros and Cons of Using a Push Walker

Not all parents, but among some there is a misconception that walkers or push walkers will help their baby walk faster. With or without the help of a push walker, your baby will walk when the time is right; when he or she is ready by falling a few times. The real help a push walker can provide is support. Today, most of the push walkers come with some toys and buttons along with it. They help keep the baby occupied by acting as a good toy. If you are thinking of buying a push walker, then in order to buy the best push walker all you have to do is Google “best push walkers for babies”. You will get a long list of service providers who sell the product. Choose the one which you think is the best.But like a coin that has two sides, even the push walker has its own pros and cons.

baby push walker

The push walker sure supports your baby to move around helps him or her have immense fun. But here are a few of their pros and cons. Let’s firstly take a look at the pros.

  • It gives your baby support to move around easily and quickly
  • It gives your baby the confidence to move around; to start attempting to walk be himself or herself
  • It helps the baby to walk
  • It can stimulate the baby’s imaginative skills
  • It keeps the baby immersed in activity and enjoyment

Now that we have seen the major pros, let us now take a look at the major cons for the push walker.

  • Some of the push walkers have Strong’s or cords attached to them. These can be very dangerous since the baby can trip on them and fall or even get tangled.
  • If there are any sharp edges or some screws or nails that are sticking out, then they would cause injuries for the baby.
  • When it comes to a baby’s hand, the first place everything goes is their mouths. If the push walker is made up of harmful plastic or has been painted with some harmful paints, then they definitely pose a danger.

Now that we have seen the pros and cons for using push walkers, as parents, it is now entirely in your hands whether you should be Googling best push walkers for babies and buying one online or otherwise.