The joy of becoming a mother is the greatest of all joys. But it brings with it a whole new set of responsibilities. A mother in her new job role works tirelessly to choose the best for her baby. The first thing to begin with is by making a choice over diapers. The market is flooded with numerous disposable and cotton diapers. However, every mom needs the best for her baby and ImseVimse is a brand that is trusted and approved by every mother.

Know More About the Brand:

It was founded in 1988 in Sweden. The brand came into existence after the founder Marie Walleberg’s daughter suffered from eczema by wearing disposable diapers. Marie noticed that after switching to washable cotton diapers, the problem just disappeared and hence this brand was born.

wearing disposable diapers

Environment-friendly Products:

Together with caring for the baby’s health, we care for the environment too. Our primary focus has always been on being the most environment-friendly company in the industry.

  • We ensure that we deliver best quality products. In order to do so, new products are regularly tested, refined and improved to meet the current needs of the families.
  • Materials are supplied from all over the world so that the high-quality requirements can be met efficiently.
  • Considering the impact on environment, it has been decided to use only organically grown cotton.
  • Production of diapers takes place at Europe and Turkey.
  • We impose strict requirements with regard to quality. As a part of this, yearly inspections are conducted to check the conditions in the factories. We make it mandatory for factories to meet the same environmental and quality requirements as that of our company.
  • Our goal is to ensure that the products are theOeko-Tex standard mark for textiles and our brand is ISO certified.

Buy Our Products at Nutur

You just have to click on our brand to see the products available. We deliver within 1 working day. If the product you need to buy is not in the shop, you can always email us and we will order it for you. The information regarding each product is mentioned in detail. You can view the pictures and read the composition of the material before you make a choice. Also, the price is mentioned for each product which makes it easier for you select according to your budget. The whole buying process is so much convenient at Nutur. You can sort your search according to price, latest products, popularity etc. This makes your shopping less time consuming. We are also proud to sell our products here as the philosophy of Nutur matches with that of ours. Environment friendliness and quality are always our top most priority.

Shop from us and give your babies all the love and care they deserve. Remember, your one wrong choice may affect your baby’s health. Shop from a range of washable baby diapers from us and we guarantee that you will not regret your choice. Happy Shopping!