How to Select the Right Outdoor Garden Furniture

When it comes to outdoor garden furniture, there is a range of products to suit all budgets and tastes. However, some pieces of furniture may not be suitable for your garden because they don’t offer the durability you need in an outdoor setting. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on selecting the right alexander rose parasols outdoor furniture for your garden to ensure lasting enjoyment and minimal maintenance.


If you’re looking at plastic resin or wrought iron, you must consider it carefully, as these materials will require regular maintenance because they will rust if left untreated. For wrought iron, painting or varnishing should be done every two years at least, and for plastics, it’s recommended that oiling is done once a year.


Polyethylene resin furniture is an excellent choice for your garden because it’s waterproof and won’t rust or rot. This type of furniture is often referred to as ‘white powder-coated metal’ – it looks like wrought iron but is made from recycled polyethylene. It’s a popular material because it’s tough, low maintenance, and, most importantly, looks good. The white coloring also helps reflect heat which means it can be used in the hotter months without causing discomfort to any skin that may touch the furniture.


Slatted chairs are perfect for outdoor use because they allow airflow underneath the seat, keeping you cool and preventing trapped moisture, which can lead to mold.

bramblecrest bench


If you’re looking for more traditional outdoor furniture, a wooden teak garden table with chairs might be the most suitable option. Wooden furniture is usually made from teak wood, which resists rot and pests very well. It’s also highly durable, which means it can last up to a hundred years. Teak can be polished to a high shine or left natural to add a rustic feel to your garden scenery. A wooden garden table with benches might work out better if you’d prefer a simpler design that fits in with your overall garden theme.


Plastic resin chairs and sofas are other great options because of their longevity. As mentioned above, these pieces of furniture are weather resistant and won’t rot even if left outside. However, they will require regular maintenance. It’s recommended that poly resin plastic furniture is oiled once per year for best results.


Don’t forget to consider carpet for your garden as well. These materials are easy to clean and resist mildew, mold, and bacteria very well. They are also strong enough to last a lifetime if cared for properly in all conditions – hot or cold, dry or wet!


Sofas aren’t just for indoors; you can find synthetic seating blends that feel soft underfoot and offer a cushioned seating option in your garden.