Tips to Furnish Your Home Professionally

Professional home stagers exactly know how they can play up your homes strengths, hide the flaws, as well as make it very appealing to everyone. There are many ways to freshen up your home without even breaking your budget, visit for more details.

Hang Art at a Right Height

One biggest beginner moves to make when decorating your home is hanging the artwork very high. When you are hanging the art above furniture, such as sofa and console table, it must be around 6 to 9 inches over the top of your furniture.

Suppose there is not any furniture under any art, middle of artwork must be at an eye-level or around 57 inches from ground. For the gallery wall, you can plan on middle of whole arrangement being at an eye-level as well as leave around 2 to 3 inches between every piece to offer each room to breathe.

Home Pursuits

Amazing Trends to Look Out In Home Decor

  • Vibrant colours are quite popular in home decor trends of 2022
  • Textured walls can rule on plain and dry ones
  • Natural surfaces are for the home decor trends
  • Patterns and prints are a hit in the home decorating trends
  • Maximalist headboards have made a comeback
  • Green corners for reels and selfies are on trend
  • Smart home and office furniture continues to influence the home decor trends
  • Curved couches and sofas are best home decor trends

Thus, here is the detailed look at some notable decor trends for your home. The expert-approved tips can give you some great ideas on how you can transform your house in line with year’s new trends.