Upright MRI Brain Scan in East Brunswick, NJ: A Claustrophobic Alternative

Among several crucial choices is deciding which diagnostic center in New Jersey, East Brunswick precisely, you will choose for an upright MRI. A comfortable setting has been put in place to make patients feel at ease before an upright MRI or other diagnostic scans. These medical imaging services are quality and economical providers in major cities, and New Jersey is not left out. These providers deliver detailed imaging reports to create the most effective treatment strategy.

Traditional MRI Vs. Upright MRI Scans

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is non-invasive and is a diagnostic test with zero radiation. Using a magnetic field and radio waves, it creates pictures of in-body activities and reactions. Those not typically claustrophobic may experience discomfort and claustrophobia during regular MRI scans, which is distressing. However, there is a solution; better alternatives are listed below.

The Neuro MRI

The Neuro MRI alternative employs a magnetic field and radio waves to produce detailed images of the brain, spine, neck, face, and central nervous system. It might be worrisome to have a brain MRI, but being relaxed will yield more productive imaging results in the diagnostic process.

Short Bore MRI

Greater parts of the body, especially the head, can stay just outside of the MRI machine with this short bore MRI alternative. This Upright MRI Brain Scan in East Brunswick, NJ, option is available at several locations.

Wide Bore MRI

With extra room within the bore region of this machine, the wide bore offers all the advantages of a closed-bore MRI. This reduces the claustrophobic sensation and employs a strong magnet to provide quality imaging faster than an open MRI.

Extremity MRI

An MRI scanner is employed for diagnostic imaging of the arm, leg, hand, or foot. It only accommodates the body part that requires scanning.