Facelift Surgery: what are your options and how to choose?

Signs of aging usually appear on the face, such as lethargy, wrinkles, wrinkles, and loss in places that are easily visible. A UK facelift operation can help solve these problems and help you create a more durable, soft and youthful facade. Whenever you work with a suitable certified cosmetic surgeon, you can count on the success of the procedure, have realistic expectations regarding it and feel satisfied with the results. There are different types of facelift surgery manchester procedures in the United Kingdom, and the surgeon will help you choose the best procedure that will give you the best results.

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Here are your options, as well as a few tips on what you can choose:

  • Traditional or complete facelift: a regular UK facelift operation will correct deep wrinkles under the eyes, lines around the mouth, lowered cheeks and skin around the gills, chin, etc. The procedure may include removal of the skin. Around your ear, temple, or neck, and stretching the underlying muscles. A traditional face lift may also include a neck lift. In any case, men and women 50 or 60 years old usually consider this operation.
  • Superficial Musculoaponeurotic System (SMAS): This is one of the most popular procedures for face lifting in the UK, as it tightens and places the tissues on the cheekbones and middle part of the face. For this, the surgeon creates an incision in the temple and expands it down. The procedure is ideal for people with mild sagging, half face loss and a double chin.
  • Raising a stitch: Also known as “thread lifting,” this type of face lifting operation in the UK will create a mocking and soft look in a less invasive way. This should slightly improve the line of the jaw and cheeks, with short healing time.
  • Mini facelift: this operation allows you to achieve a more subtle appearance. You may consider this if you are showing the first signs and need an adjustment procedure back and up to improve the gills and cheeks, as well as the contour of the jaw line.
  • Half Face Stretch: This UK facelift operation allows you to correct the areas around your cheeks and eyes by lifting layers on your cheekbones and moving them. This can be a good option if you only need to lift the cheeks, not the neck. The result is an exquisite facial structure. Risk and downtime are minimal.