Welcome To The Land Of Shells, Welcome To Sanibel Island Shell.

Whenever we raise our foot to place our next step on the beach, we drill our vision into the sand in the hope of getting some beautiful shells. Almost every people love shells because of their beauty and structure. Many varieties of shells are found on this island, and hence many tourists from all over the world visit this Sanibel Island shell, which is the best shelling site in North America. Sanibal beaches look like carpet stitched by thousands of small and big shells with a variety of colors. These shells reach the shore with every shell-laden current embracing the shore.

Stoop Down And Grab Some.

Collecting shells is the major pass time of every people enjoying this amazing beach. So many people reach this place for shelling. The act of picking up shells lying on the beach is being known there with a funny name called “Sanibal Stoop.” Because of this peculiarity, the island is known worldwide by the name “Shell Islands.” Conchs, scallops, clamshells, etc., are not only found in the beaches and the courtyard or backyards of common people’s houses and hence all over the island. Along with Sanibal, Captiva is also best for shelling.

Annual Sanibel Shell Fair.

Every year, the annual sanibal shell fair is taking place in March, and in that fair, the shell collectors reach there along with their wide collections to compare theirs with others and exhibit shell arts. The fair is of much fun, and people worldwide come there with much expectations and curiosity. Nobody tries to stay away from the fair because they know that they are missing one of the best times they can enjoy in their lifetime if they do so.

Laws are laws.

About 250 kinds of shells are found in the Sanibel Island shelland the kinds include Couch, Scallops, Tulip, Olive, Murex, Junonia, Lightning Whelk, etc. The State of Florida now made it illegal to collect live shells from conserving nature and maintaining the Sanibal’s chain of life because the people and government know the value of every life. Rare species of shells are found on this island, and thus the government, as well as many organizations, takes extra care to preserve these species because if not now, then never one could help save these varieties from being extinct. One could collect as many dead shells as they want. Thus you could end up in a large collection of wide varieties. Make your shelves fill with the enormous varieties of diverse shells and enjoy shelling from Sanibel Island shell.

We humans, too, are a part of this surprisingly cool treasure trove, nature, and we should love every other single inhabitant in it as we love other humans. Keep exploring the amazing and exciting places around the world and allow yourself to explore Sanibel Island shell at least once in your lifestyle.