All you need to know about aluminum patios

It is a special pleasure when you can enjoy the warmth and fresh air on your terrace overlooking the garden in summer. Sometimes it gets hot or there is a short rain shower all of a sudden. Now it is advantageous if your terrace is well prepared and has patio enclosures in Ithaca, NY to protect it from all weather.

Many factors come into play when considering the best material for a patio cover. Some of these relate to the durability of the material, others to personal desires and preferences. Here is a small selection of important aspects.

Aluminum patio canopies

If you are interested in an aluminum patio roof, there are basically two different options:

  • Terrace covering attached to the house
  • Free-standing construction as a roof for the terrace

For each of these two variants you need different material, which must meet the respective technical requirements.

With the patio cover attached to the house, you only need two support posts on the front side, because this type of patio cover is directly connected to your house on the rear side. The free-standing version is mounted on four support posts, which is a little more expensive in terms of materials.

The size of your patio cover is decisive for the number of posts in the front area. With the smallest variant of 3 x 2 meters you only need 2 posts on the front. With a larger version of the patio cover of up to 7 x 4 meters, several posts are required in the front area for sufficient stability, depending on the desired area. This affects the clear view of your garden.

Of course you want to enjoy a lot of daylight on your terrace. At the same time, it can also get very warm for you on the terrace under a cover made of aluminum with glass in midsummer. For this reason it makes sense to use a combination of:

  • aluminum with glass
  • aluminum with plastic
  • Aluminum with glass and plastic

In the case of the patio cover with glass roof , the entire covering is made of 8 mm thick laminated safety glass . With the plastic version, you get double-walled plates with a thickness of 16 mm. But you can also combine both variants. The plastic panels in the opal version are heat-insulating for the patio roof. In addition, you can use glass elements to attach a windbreak on the side or in the front area of ​​the patio cover for a good view of your garden.