The best strategies to develop DOTA

Defense of the Ancients is a very popular map in Warcraft III; almost obsessed with some players, probably due to constant changes; Each new version gets fame and followers. Therefore, it is not surprising that these days on the Web there are tips on tactics and strategies of DOTA. The focus is on creating heroes; Heroes acquire skills and strength through gold purchases, so the acquisition of gold becomes the main objective. DOTA heroes earn gold by killing or destroying enemy assets or personnel, in particular by killing the creeps. Experience is relatively easy to obtain, but gold mining is more difficult. It will help to wait until the enemy’s health is reduced or cast a spell. The last blow brings gold, so time is critical! Multiple damage spells can take multiple murders at once.

Determine the type of hero

Start by determining the type of hero: Strength, Intelligence or Dexterity. Buy items that will improve these skills. The first useful item is Boots of Speed, which will increase attack or exit speed. Regeneration rings, sapphire waters, the branches of an iron tree and the nobility cups are also useful. Some items are combined in recipes and may not cost gold to receive.

Understanding attributes and limitations

Getting the best out of your hero means understanding his attributes and limitations. As you progress, you will need to increase your knowledge of the characters and their attributes to maintain your skill in the game. Strive to maximize damage, use optimal survival tactics, fight to avoid unnecessary deaths and limit damage as much as possible. All these small incidents add up and gradually reduce your health and gold.

 DotA 2

Buy health potions to keep returning to the base. Making enemy heroes return to the base to heal is a waste of time. Several sites and forums will show you ways to increase gold and gain skills; Don’t forget to limit the damage!

First you will be killed in a relatively small number of strokes, so you need the help of your creeps. As you improve, you will develop your skills and you can destroy the tower alone without harming yourself. In the end, you can easily destroy towers.


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