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PubG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a global trend in the online gaming world. This is the newest multiplayer online battle royale game that was designed by Brendan Greene and composed by Tom Salta. It was released last March 2017 and since then, the game has gained over 1.5 million players, and it’s still growing.

All About PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

The game is simple and complex at the same time. All you need to do is stay alive and be the last character standing in order to win a chicken meal and some PubG BP coins. However, it is not as simple as that. In order to keep your character alive, you need to have tactics and skills when it comes to sneaking behind your opponents and killing their characters first.

  • The Gameplay.

Once you start the game, you can choose from playing as a single player or play in a squad. Then, you will be transported to a battlefield that is situated on an island. You will be brought to the island by a plane. You need to jump when you find the perfect spot for you, and use your parachute to land safely. But remember that every game, the plane will use different routes to start.

Once you have landed, use all the time that you have to find gears and weapons. There are plenty of gears scattered all around the map. The riskier the place, the better weapons you find. Find the best for you and kill as many characters as you can. Once you are hit, make sure that you patch up to boost up your health.

  • The Rules Of The Game

The rule of the game is, whoever kills the other player is the winner. Once you kill a character, you get to loot his gears and weapons. You have to stay in the “safe zone.” As time goes by, the safe zone shrinks and make sure that you are safe to avoid decreasing your health. In the end, the players will be in an area where hiding will be too hard to do. The last player alive will be declared the winner and gets the chicken dinner!

The PubG Hacking Tool – Is It Safe To Use?

Aside from the bragging rights and chicken dinner, PubG BP coins are the best winnings that you can get when you play PubG and manage to win the game. These coins are used to buy craters with cool outfits. You can also use this to change the appearance of your character. There are hacking tools online where you can get unlimited access to PubG BP coins. One of the most trusted sites by PubG players is It’s free and very easy to use.

Using hacking tools is safe but it comes with a responsibility as a player. Remember not to provide any personal and important information aside from your PubG username. When you need to register to have access to the tool, make a dummy account to avoid any problems in the future. Make sure that you use it sparingly and never use it for illegal purposes.