It is one of the popular video games that are very much played by youngsters and adults. It has some of the features of two of the other popular games such as Minecraft and Left 4 Dead. Make use of v bucks hack. This game can be played on most of the devices such as

  • Xbox one
  • PlayStation
  • macOS
  • Microsoft Windows

This game involves the players to battle it out with

  • The zombie like creatures
  • Dense clouds
  • Chaotic storms that drop husks

The player must learn to

  • Collect resources
  • Build fortifications
  • Fight the storm and protect the survivors
  • Construct weapons and build traps
  • Combat with zombies

If the player can accomplish the above, then he/ she can gain rewards such as

  • Improve their hero characters
  • Support their teams
  • Get better weaponry
  • Also trap schematics for helping in tougher missions
  • You are also availed in game currency which can be used for upgrades.

As mentioned above that the storms that rain out husks are dangerous, and protection is required in the form of storm shields. There is a need to create a field to clear the storm clouds away. The player must build survivor bases for the people to stay all around the world. Since this game is set up in the contemporary world, the setting will be like the one we coexist. But the scenario of only two percent surviving after the storm calls for taking drastic action to help save the remaining survivors. The people surviving must be protected from the zombie like creatures. Try v bucks hack.

The player is considered the Commager of these survivor bases. As a commander you must risk going out of the storm shield and get resources, other survivors and possibly other allies who would help expand the storm shield and try to return the place to normalcy. The game is presently available in two modes such as

  • Fornite battle royale
  • Save the world

The save the world is played in third person perspective. Here the player has following functions to perform such as

  • To scavenge items after exploring
  • Making weapons
  • Building structures
  • Fighting encroaching monsters

The schematics are basically provided to help make weaponry. In the process it will also help lay traps for the monsters. The player gets an opportunity to choose the hero characters that he/she would prefer from the default four classes that are available. After the selection the player is sent on a mission. Once they are sent on the mission for resource gathering and other functionalities, they cannot be reused till they return from the mission. Apart from the hero characters there are other characters known as defenders who help if there are less than four players in the mission and they need help for defence.