Getting Started with Roblox Games

If you like Minecraft and Lego, you will love the combination of the two – Roblox. Roblox is considered a game creation platform and massively multiplayer online. It is very popular not only for kids but also for the young-at-heart. As of September 2018, it has over 70 million active users monthly.

Before you try this, you have to familiarise yourself with the system first. Here are the things that you should be acquainted with:

How Roblox works
The first thing that you need to do is to sign up to Roblox. You will be asked to assign your username and password. Signing up will create your account on the platform.
• After creating an account, you are free to choose from a huge collection of games to

• You can also start customising your avatar then start looking for friends
• In the game, you will see a list of other players, which is strategically placed on the top right-hand side of your computer screen.
• You can also access the chat feature, which is conveniently located on the top left-hand side of the page. If you want to send a private message, you simply click the chat box.
• On your profile, you can post to a feed. You can also see who you have followed and who have followed you. It will even show the badges that you won and the groups that you belong.

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Understanding robux
The in-game currency of Roblox is called robux. You can use robux in different things from animating your avatar to buying weapons and unique abilities. For your information, there are various ways to get robux. You can either buy them or use robux generator.

In some cases, users trade for them or have someone donate it to you. The best part is you can earn them by charging other Roblox users that are playing the games you have created. You can also charge for items in your games.

Cost of Roblox
You must know that Roblox is a premium model. This means it is for free and you can do a lot for free including playing tons of games and the use of their proprietary engine – Roblox Studio. However, you need robux to trade weapons or animate your avatar. The company offers different subscription models in the Builders Club membership program like the following:
• The Classic: for this membership, it costs $5.95 monthly or about $57.95 yearly.
• The Turbo: for this membership, it costs $11.95 monthly or about $85.95 yearly.
• The Outrageous: for this membership, it costs $19.95 monthly or about $129.95


With this, you get a certain number of robux daily depending on your subscription. For more information, you need to visit

Understanding ODers
Roblox has OD (Online Dater) peculiarity. OD refers to people who join social networks to find romantic partners. Roblox is a free social platform, which means it does not explicitly forbid ODers. Roblox is on the lookout for inappropriate content and conversations though.

Playing Roblox is fun especially the robux generator. For more information, you should visit On top of that, it stimulates creativity, learning and social interaction.