Top smart interior design ideas for small spaces

If you are thinking about the interior designing of small places, then you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss about interior design ideas for small spaces. Click here for interior design ideas singapore.

Transform walls into shelves

In most construction systems, independent of the material, not the entire wall is part of the structure of the house.A good design idea is to work the non-structural part and turn it into shelves to store everything you need. Visit this site for interior design ideas singapore.

Interior design ideas singapore

Think vertically

Usually, when we think of our house, we do it in square meters, that is to say in 2 dimensions: length by width.A good idea for the design of small spaces is to think in cubic meters, that is to say in 3 dimensions: length x width x height.When thinking about winning a space in height, the heights are a very good solution. But, you need a height that allows you to include an inter-floor.To circulate comfortably both on the ground floor in the attic, the height of the total space should be at least about 4.5 m.

Use of sliding doors

The sliding doors are a good alternative to save space.There are different types, either hidden between the wall or in sight. A sliding door in sight can become part of the decoration of the house.Using a sliding glass door helps to enter light into the room, gained amplitude.

Take advantage of the door and window frames

Place shelves on the frames of your doors and windows allows you to gain a space for all your books and notes that you did not have.

The inconvenience could be the height and access to the shelves, but we all know that there are many things that are not for daily use and that we only need every so often.