Top Things about Bitcoin

With all types of hype around Bitcoin currency, we think that there is some more information that you must know about bitcoin. So, here are our top interesting facts on Bitcoin:

Not anonymous

To explain entirety about why Bitcoin is not anonymous will take forever, and I do not understand this and hackers or other technology junkies. Bitcoin is not totally anonymous. The hackers or government agencies have means of tracking out anything, which also includes Bitcoin. Suppose somebody can connect various nodes to Bitcoin network, combined data gathered from the different nodes may be enough for determining where the transaction originated.

Different countries treat Bitcoin differently

Generally, Bitcoin isn’t regulated by the national government that is an important part of this reason it is highly popular. However, laws over Bitcoin range from this getting recognized as the legal currency to “discouraged” by official organizations and governments.

Top Things about Bitcoin

Japan and Australia, for instance, treat Bitcoin currency like other type of currency. Whereas Lebanon and Jordan have issued their official statements saying that they do not support any use of Bitcoin. It does not prevent people of these countries to use Bitcoin, however.

Limited amount available

When Bitcoin was established—its creator made limited amount around 21 millions to stay precise. At present, more than 16 million are there in circulation, however, more are getting mined daily.

Not just cyber currency

Although Bitcoin gets complete media coverage, it is not an only cyber currency right now. Ether is a next known crypto-currency, and just like Bitcoin, limited amount (over 16 millions) were made back in the year 2014.