How to Register & Deposit Funds at Bitcoin Lotto Site

Now you know ins and outs about how lottery system works in Bitcoin, now we will show you how to get started. Given our complete guide to know how you can register or deposit the funds at Bitcoin lotto platform!


Select the trusted Bitcoin lottery website

The first thing will be selecting the platform, which hosts the Bitcoin lotto game. In a few cases, they are dedicated platforms, which specialize in the Bitcoin lottery games. At other cases, these platforms can be the fully-fledged casino, which hosts various Bitcoin lotteries with more traditional games such as blackjack, slots and roulette. Before selecting any platform, you have to assess what kind of Bitcoin lotto game you would like to play.

Like we discussed before, this can dictate how balls are drawn. Example, whereas some players want balls that will be generated through Provably Fair, some prefer the Keno-style games, which are backed by the regulated software providers.

Open your account

When you have selected the preferred Bitcoin lotto platform, now you will have to go & open the account. Even though this process is quite similar across many platforms, we have decided to tell you how you can get started, On top of your screen, you have to click on ‘REGISTER’ button. The pop-up box then will appear telling you to selecting the username. When you have read & agreed to all the terms & conditions, click on ‘START WINNING’. Even though you have created the account by choosing username, you must go in the settings page & add layer of security.