Does Bitcoin still have a bright future?

Bitcoin, top or flop? After the frenzy of last year, the famous cryptocurrency has experienced, in recent months, a vertiginous fall. So, question: Is this the end of bitcoin or does it have, on the contrary, a bright future ahead?Click here to know about free bitcoin.

What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is digital currency which is not controlled by government or authority. It runs on blockchain technology.Visit this site to know about free bitcoin.

The price dropping situation

At its peak, bitcoin reached 20 thousand euros. In the space of a few months, its value dropped to the lowest, at 2,800 euros. And the reason for the tumble?it is simply linked, as in the stock market, to the phenomenon of supply and demand. When bitcoin reached its highest value, everyone wanted to sell,so it lowered the value, causing a panic that pulled the price down again.We regularly witness a bubble followed by a spectacular fall.

Bitcoin has a bright future as a safe haven

So, with a loss of 80% of its value, does bitcoin still have a future? According to the specialist, bitcoin has a bright future as a safe haven, much like gold. It should be considered as an asset within an investment portfolio.

With a perpetually declining value for months, is it time to buy bitcoins hoping that it will sooner or later go up? In short, should we bet on cryptocurrency or, conversely, turn away?