Best Indian Web series for Telugu People

Best Indian Web series for Telugu People

It means a lot to Telugu speakers to watch so many popular Telugu web series. And the growth pace in recent years has been nothing short of astonishing. We get the idea from the web series that more will follow each episode. And more lately, Telugu content artists have produced incredible, relevant, and riveting works that are making waves across India. 


The first bidding-based game show in Telugu, SARKAAR 2– Mee Plate Naa Aata, is hosted by the vivacious Pradeep Machiraju and will lift your spirits. Celebrities actively participate in this show, and it gets more entertaining with each round since the contestants won’t give themselves a chance to lose. To try something new in Telugu, you should watch SARKAAR 2!

2-Qubool hai? 

In Talabkatta, a father is compelled to sell his 12-year-old daughter (Ameena) to a wealthy older man due to poverty and hardship. Bhanu, a new police officer at Talab Katta Police Station, decides to tackle the illegal practice of child trafficking in the meanwhile. In the course of this process, he happens to find several previously unknown objects. Are you curious to know the unknown facts? Find out by binge-watching the web series.

3-3 Roses 

Ritu, Jhanvi, and Indu are three best friends who reunite after their families want them to return to Hyderabad so the girls may get married and establish themselves. They witness a series of events that alter their lives during this process. If you’re looking for a light-hearted, humorous and feel-good web series, give this one a try!

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4-Anya’s4-Anya’s Tutorial 

It is not a vlog, for real! Once Anya’sAnya’s viewers discover hints of paranormal activity in her home, her YouTube channel starts to gain popularity. Although she takes advantage of the haunted house, she pays the price for dancing with the devil. Are you looking for some horror files tonight? Try this one out!

5- Alludu Gaaru 

This web series is all about romance, comedy and humour. The programme discusses how contemporary families are bridging generational gaps. After a string of awkward yet amusing interactions with his “new family,” Ajay is forced to stay with his in-laws.

6- Kudi Yedamaithe 

When they collide in a tragic accident, a female police inspector investigating a missing child’s case and a food delivery man who finds a bloodied young woman’s corpse in the middle of the night are sent into an infinite time loop until they figure out what that is. Could you guess from the trailer? Watch the full web series to find out!

The bottom line 

Telugu web series has carved out a distinct niche from the rest of the business with their original stories, jaw-dropping performances, and excellent direction. No matter where you are, you can use aha to stream the most recent Telugu web series; all you need is a reliable internet connection and an aha subscription.