The Beginner’s Guide to Selling on Amazon

Amazon is India’s most popular online shopping platform, and more people than ever are turning to for their online purchasing needs. Amazon. has become the online choice for small and medium-sized businesses in India, with orders coming from over 100% operable pin codes.

The Amazon advantages

When you begin selling on Amazon, you become a part of a retail destination that houses sellers of various types, from Fortune 500 companies to artisan merchants that manufacture handcrafted items. They all sell on Amazon for the same reason: to reach the millions of people on how to setup amazon seller account?

Seller Central: What is it?

You may see your Seller Central dashboard once you sign up to sell on Amazon. You run your entire company from here. Everything you need to manage your business, from adding your first product to discovering resources for building a strong brand, is in this section.

  • Some of the things you can accomplish through Seller Central are listed.
  • From the Inventory tab, keep track of your inventory and change your listings.
  • Download personalised business reports and save frequently used templates.
  • Tools for customer metrics may be used to track your seller performance.
  • Open help tickets using the Case Log and speak with Selling Partner Support.
  • Monitor the daily sales of every product you sell on Amazon.

being an amazon affiliate

How to launch a business on Amazon

There are several ways to launch an Amazon business, which is fantastic. There are several ways to be successful on the site, from the business model you select to the things you chose to offer. Regardless of the kind of business strategy and the product you select, the procedures needed to launch on Amazon remain the same.

Decide which business model you wish to utilise first.

  • Private Label: The practise of rebranding or renaming a product under a retailer’s own brand or label after it has already been made.
  • Wholesale: Buying low-cost or discounted goods in bulk with the intention of reselling them as individual items in a retail setting is known as wholesaling.
  • Arbitrage is a strategy for locating cheap or discounted products at real-world retail establishments (or on e-commerce websites) in order to resale them online.
  • Dropshipping is a business strategy where an Amazon seller sends orders from customers straight to the producer or supplier rather than maintaining their own goods inventory.
  • Handmade: Individuals that produce their own goods (“by hand”) and sell them on Amazon’s marketplace are referred to as handmade vendors. Examples include clothing, jewellery, and home furnishings.