Hospital Cleaning – What The Best Providers Offer?

Hospital cleaners are often the unsung heroes of a hospital’s day-to-day functioning. A clean, sanitary environment is instrumental to a hospital’s success and happiness for patients, visitors, and staff alike. Who are these individuals? Hospital cleaners’ jobs vary depending on the size of the facility and their responsibilities may include clearing trash from rooms, mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms (either manually or with industrial scrubbers), as well as emptying bedpans.

Training and Education

While there is no specific education requirement, hospital cleaners usually come from housekeeping backgrounds. They receive training at their job site in which they are taught proper cleaning techniques and methods. Cleaning and office cleaning companies, such as hospital cleaning in Sonoma, CA, offer classes specifically for hospital staff in order to prepare them for work with patients.

Where Do They Work?

Hospital cleaners come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some are former nurses or medical workers who have opted to leave the field but still wish to help out their community. Others are former hospital nurses who wished to pursue a career in cleaning and chose this route because of the flexible schedule and the ability to work one-on-one with patients at their own pace.

Services near meJob Outlook

Because of a nationwide shortage of hospital staff and janitors, job prospects in this field are bright. Aside from hospital jobs, cleaning companies also hire individuals with experience working in nursing homes or assisted living facilities who wish to expand their knowledge and skills.

What do they make?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average hourly wage for a hospital cleaner is $10.42 an hour. This amount varies by state and locality: cleaners in New Jersey earn an average of $11.64 per hour while those in Ohio receive slightly less at $11.55 per hour. The lowest 10th percentile earned $8.94 per hour while the highest 10th percentile earned $13.79 per hour.

What does the future look like for them?

Hospital cleaners’ prospects are, for the most part, stable. The field’s outlook is currently at a 10% growth rate with 1,000 jobs being added by 2024. Even though the field is expected to grow, it will likely leave room for hospital cleaners because of those who retire or leave the job market. While there is no need to worry about losing work in the future, one should always be prepared for unexpected changes to their personal business model and outcomes of their actions in order to protect their financial interests and maintain their credit rating at all times.