Different Types Of Pallet Racks To Consider For Your Warehouse

Pallet racks are central to a warehouse. A good pallet racking system will keep your inventory in place. Pallet racks in Texas are designed to store materials and products that can be stored in pallets in horizontal rows at multiple levels. That is why you must choose the best pallet racking system for your needs. There are different options to choose from. So to help you decide, here are your choices.

Cantilever Racking System

This racking system uses metal arms to have the capability to hold bulky, heavy, irregular, and odd-shaped products and materials. This type of rack does not use pallets. They are low-density racks but very efficient for certain types of products. The cantilever racking system is commonly used to store lumber, pipes, furniture, and so on.

Double Deep Racks

This type of racking system has a second row of pallets behind the first ones. This system can boost the storage density of your racks. However, it will limit your access to some of the pallets, especially the ones on the second row. The double deep racks will require an extended forklift reach to reach the other pallets.

Drive-in and Drive-Through Racks

This system is designed to the advantage of your forklifts. Each of the pallet bay is available for the forklift. With this, the pallets can be picked from several heights. With the drive-in racks, it has one entrance, and the drive-through racks have two entryways. With the drive-in and drive-through racking system, it uses the LIFO storage method.

deep rack systems

Single-Deep Selective Pallet Racks.

This is the traditional type of pallet racking system that many warehouses use. They are low-density racks that will allow access at different pallet positions. The single deep selective pallet racks create a flexible placement and loading method for your warehouse.

Pallet Flow Racking System

This pallet racking system is also called ‘gravity flow racks.’ It provides high-density storage if you are using the FIFO system. With the pallet flow racks, the pallets are attached to one end of a deep bay to the rows of wheels or the full rollers. Each of the added pallets will push the others forward until they are removed from the other side. With this method, it will need a braking system to control the speed of the moving pallets.

Knowing which type of pallet racking system is the most efficient and practical for your warehouse is vital. So when choosing one, review your options above to ensure that you are picking the right racking system for your warehouse.