Make it clear!

            The concept of labeling individual fruit is a recent one but it has become very common all over the world. Every fruit that gets the label passes through a lot of strict quality control conditions and regulations before which it can be considered fit for human consumption.


The fruit stickers carry in them all the required information that the consumer needs to know and the list of factors is growing every day. All of these efforts are taken to ensure quality of the fruit and maintain its freshness through the long haul of transportation and market handling. The digits and the number of digits that the fruit carries in the sticker is in itself a very informative tool for the consumer.

All you need to know!

            The digits differentiate the method of production of the fruit itself such as the organic method of cultivation, or the use of chemical fertilizers used in the process and with this information on the sticker the consumer can get to know the quality of the fruit which again makes him to choose the right fruit. Not only does it stand out in the baskets, but also offers the test of quality. Those who are committed to using organic foods can make a better choice.


            Not only is the fruit quality important but that of the sticker itself should be of good quality so that it does not fall off while in the transit and it has to hold on until it is bought and removed by the consumer after taking it home. The paper quality and the glue quality are also important as per the guidelines of individual count tires especially the United States where the sticker should also pass the terms and conditions of the Food and Drug administration that is FDA for short. It contains all the details of the fruit such as the weight, the expiry date, and others. The labeling itself is made mandatory by the United States authorities and the market has to follow all these guidelines promptly.


            Now it has come to the point of labeling and branding individual unit with the fruit stickers so that the consumer pays for the quality of the fruit right from its cultivation and whether or not any pesticides are used in the fields to ward of the pests.