Solar Energy

Solar panels are devices that turn light into electricity. Solar panels are the most powerful source of light that come directly from the Sun. There are many advantages in having solar panels on your home or business such as saving money. Recently, research has shown that by adding solar panels to your home, you can potentially save over $100 each month. In addition, be sure to have an air conditioning inspection

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Begin saving early!

Solar leasing and solar purchase power agreements make it possible for homeowners to go solar for little or no money down. There are many homeowners who choose to finance their solar panels by selecting  a solar provider. A solar provider owns the solar system and takes care of all aspects of installing and maintaining the solar  system. All you pay is the electricity.

Add value to your home

Many looking for a new home and are looking for a home with solar panels. Why, are they doing this? Simple; a home with solar panels means lower electricity costs. It's fact that solar panels increase a home's value on the market just as low property taxes and homes with Home Energy Ratings, do.

Performance is guaranteed

It is important to note; solar panel manufacturers provide a 20-25 year warranty with their solar panels. The solar industry standard guarantees 80% performance after 25 years! This is great savings over a long period of time and that is something that can help take the strain off of your finances.

You will be saving the environment

Besides saving money, there are environmental benefits by using solar panels. With billions still depending on outdated methods of using energy, it just makes sense to check out solar panels. Most importantly, by installing and using solar panels, you become energy independent. Eventually, our world will run out of oil, coal and natural gas. This of course, puts stress on our national security and our economics.

Installing Solar is an easy process

In the past, shopping and installing solar panels was a tedious and complicated process. However, things have changed in the last decade. To make this process go easier for you, there are several tips that will help such as installing solar panels on the South, Southwest, Southeast or flat. In addition, check with your home owners association to see if you can put solar panels on your home. Most importantly, bring together a year's worth of electric bills. This will help the solar panel company decide the size of your solar system.

Then, check out the DESIRE website. This will tell you how much your town, city or state will give you as a tax credit or cash rebate toward your solar system. Lastly, get several quotes from your potential installer. 

To conclude, solar panels are devices that turn light into electricity and are the most powerful source of light that comes from the Sun. Find out how installing solar panels can save you money, time and add value to your home.